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How much would I pay for a pet sitter?

Here at While You're Away Ltd we believe that you and your pets are all individuals. Every client has a unique set of requirements and we would prefer to speak with you about providing a detailed quote for our home and pet sitting service. We are proud that our sitting service starts from as little as £40.95 per day and would be happy to discuss this further with you.

There are additional charges for all bank holiday which vary depending on the service you require.

Please contact us for a detailed quote.

 Dog Walking / Visiting Rates

 1 HR £10.00
 1 HR £12.50
 1.5 HR £17.50
 2 HR £20.00
 2.5 HR £25.00
 3 HR £27.50
 1 HR £15.00
 1.5 HR £20.00
 2 HR £25.00
 2.5 HR £27.50
 3 HR £30.00

 Home Visits

 1 HR £12.50
 1.5 HR £17.50
 2 HR £22.50
 2.5 HR £25.00
 3 HR £27.50

 Dog Boarding

 Overnight Stay £20.00
 Day Care £17.50
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