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With our house/home sitting service, you can enjoy peace of mind while you are away, whether on holiday, business or perhaps a stay in hospital.

Our sitters are carefully selected and matched with the individual client's requirements. They keep your home safe, tidy, pick up the mail, and look after your garden and indoor plants too. Additionally most of them enjoy doing some sort of garden maintenance and all of them are trained and confident to deal with any potential household emergencies.

You may have valuable collections, for example, vintage cars kept on your property and/or antiques in the home, which we are insured for and our trusted sitters will be making regular checks on these items left in our care.

Within our home sitting service we are able to care for a full range of pets.


Our four legged family members are the happiest when they can spend time with us, their human companions. Equally important to them is their daily routine and familiar environment, whether it be the house they are used to or the outdoor walks with their sitters.

We will carefully select and match our dog sitters to your individual requirements. We are always mindful of particular breeds, their age, plus any special needs for your dogs.


However independent they may be they are much like us humans when it comes to loving their home environment and familiar surroundings.

Many of our sitters are cat lovers in particular and we would choose the right sitter for every feline assignment.

Our cat sitters are perfectly at home with house cats, tending to grooming of the longhaired breeds in particular, as well as enjoying playtime with them.

Equally those cats allowed outdoors receive as much fuss and attention as each individual personality would want from our sitters.

Our sitters understand that some cats are shy, taking a while to get to know their carers; whilst others will respond to their sitters from the start.

Small Animals

Whether it is Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters or even goldfish, these small animals will receive loving care from our pet sitters.

Don't worry if you have exotic pets, our sitters are equally at home with cold blooded pets. We have snakes, lizards, turtles and many more of these pets on our books.

Equine Care

Our horse and pony owners are able to enjoy their time away from home, perfectly relaxed. They have peace of mind, in the knowledge that their horses and ponies are well looked after and in safe hands with our equine specialist sitters.

We have a team of experienced horse and pony carers who can undertake the care of your horses and ponies when you’re away. They are all by nature animal lovers and have been with us for many years.

All our client's horses and ponies are carefully matched with sitters who are capable of handling these wonderful animals, requiring particular and specialist care.

We can provide equine care from a basic level - the care of horses and ponies that “live out", right up to hands on care of those such as eventers, retired race horses, thoroughbreds.

For more information, please contact us.

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