How to help your cat to lose weight

Hello to all readers! This month we are touching on the tricky subject of overweight pets, cats in particular.

Believe it or not, over 42% of our much loved felines are overweight; vets would tell you that more than half the cats they treat need to lose weight. This could be partly due to the rising number of “house cats”, resulting in cats not getting the outdoor exercise and stimulation they need.
Cats kept indoors suffer more stress and also some behavioural issues on occasion. They need added stimulation to make up for the lack of outdoor fun and, most definitely keep their food levels at an appropriate level, way less than an active outdoor cat would have.

One of the most common obesity related problems in cats is diabetes, overfeeding being the leading cause. Other related illnesses are urinary problems, joint issues and heart disease.

cat sittingJust look at our magnificent client, Charley (right). What a perfect specimen he is, slender and glowing with health; Charley is an African Savannah crossed with a domestic cat.

If your cat is overweight, then see these tips below, to help your cat lose weight and follow in Charley’s footsteps, isn’t he just beautiful?

Portion sizes

Stop feeding your cat so much; remember 2 or 3 extra pounds for a cat is equivalent to 40 pounds in a human being.

Don’t suddenly cut the portions drastically however, this could create liver problems. Ask your vet, he will help with guidance on feeding your cat the correct amount and cutting down gradually.


If you have a house cat, encourage lots of play; use a torch, cats love to chase the beam of light on the floor. Make a “ mouse on a stick “ toy, using a catnip mouse and some string. Even better get a cardboard box, with holes cut in it and watch how your cat will love trying to work his way out, where you will be waiting, for even more fun and games with said “mouse on a stick.”

Have fun everybody !

Hello again to all lovely human beings and potential clients reading my blog!

pollyI, Polly, made sure everyone was working so hard in July & August we had no time for my news.  So, here we are at last in September.

I hope you all like the photos of our pet sitters who got married this year.  Who needs a dating site – all you need are four legged friends like me to bring people together.  All of us at While You’re Away Ltd wish our newly married sitters every happiness.

Just a little thought for you to ponder on; having a dog to share your life is like looking after a toddler that never grows up.  It isn’t for everyone; if you have any doubts, then don’t even consider inviting one of my brothers & sisters into your life.  But, if you enjoy “well disciplined” fun, dogs will give you great joy in return.  To be able to fully command a dog’s love is to build a loyalty that will surpass anything life can throw at you.

See you in October, I promise you.

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May Bank Holiday Update

pollyHello, Polly here again. The While You’re Away Ltd office will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May. If you need to contact us urgently please call the office number 0845 4504999 or 01952 461020 and listen to the message for details of how to contact us.

My owner, Sue, will be on holiday from Sunday 4th May until Tuesday 14th May.

In that time, except for the Bank Holiday, the office will be open and Rosey and Gemma will be happy to answer you’re calls.

While Sue is away I, Polly, will be going on my ‘Pollydays’ to be looked after by one of our lovely pet sitters.