We are looking for pet sitters

Hello to you all, now Spring is here, from Polly and all of us in the office!  How lovely it is to see new life everywhere, such a beautiful season.

We are on a full scale recruitment drive this month, as many of our long standing home and pet sitters are retiring this year.

Please do call us on 0333 234 0404 or complete the online application form, if you think this is something that may appeal; it is a lovely “hobby job” to have in retirement and we would be delighted to chat to you.

We are looking for couples and single sitters, who are true animal lovers, with a sense of adventure. Do talk to us, we would love to have you on board.

Here is our wonderful dog sitter Irene Skyner knee deep in four legged friends and loving every minute of it!

dog sitter

The particular areas we are recruiting for are:

  • South Shropshire
  • Birmingham
  • Worcester
  • Cotswolds & south Birmingham
  • Telford
  • Shrewsbury

In conclusion, this month we have lost Joe the beautiful Greyhound; everyone loved him, such a lovely boy, he would have been 12 years old later this year.

You will be so missed gentle Joe, by your dog sitters, who just loved you so, as well as by your family.

greyhound dog sleeping greyhound dog

Hello and very belated Happy New Year to all my readers!

dog with a toyAt last we are experiencing a little frost and more seasonal weather is forecast, for the coming week; good news for the farmers and the over saturated ground but not so good for my friends the hedgehogs.

Poor little prickly pals haven’t hibernated as normal, November to March, I keep telling them, when I see them in my garden but they aren’t listening to me.

We have a big pile of tree branches at the top of my garden, for hibernation purposes. I am going to visit my friends the hedgehogs, during this week and encourage them to eat all the food we put out, because, if the cold snap forces them into hibernation underweight, even more of them will not survive the rest of the winter.

December was the wettest month on record and all our wildlife has suffered, trying to find enough of the food supplies, depleted by the constant heavy rain.

cat sitter with ginger cat

Our sitters have been up against it too , all winter; in particular, the farm animals and outdoor pets in our care, have been a real issue for us, as you would imagine.
Not to mention the ‘showering down’ of mud coated, wet dogs, every time they are walked!

Never mind, Spring is around the corner and hopefully some sunshine at long last too!
I hope you like the photo of Kay, one of our lovely pet sitters, with Arthur the marmalade cat; she sent us the photo from an assignment, she took this time last year, when the weather was as it should be for January.

See you in February!