How to help your cat to lose weight

Hello to all readers! This month we are touching on the tricky subject of overweight pets, cats in particular.

Believe it or not, over 42% of our much loved felines are overweight; vets would tell you that more than half the cats they treat need to lose weight. This could be partly due to the rising number of “house cats”, resulting in cats not getting the outdoor exercise and stimulation they need.
Cats kept indoors suffer more stress and also some behavioural issues on occasion. They need added stimulation to make up for the lack of outdoor fun and, most definitely keep their food levels at an appropriate level, way less than an active outdoor cat would have.

One of the most common obesity related problems in cats is diabetes, overfeeding being the leading cause. Other related illnesses are urinary problems, joint issues and heart disease.

cat sittingJust look at our magnificent client, Charley (right). What a perfect specimen he is, slender and glowing with health; Charley is an African Savannah crossed with a domestic cat.

If your cat is overweight, then see these tips below, to help your cat lose weight and follow in Charley’s footsteps, isn’t he just beautiful?

Portion sizes

Stop feeding your cat so much; remember 2 or 3 extra pounds for a cat is equivalent to 40 pounds in a human being.

Don’t suddenly cut the portions drastically however, this could create liver problems. Ask your vet, he will help with guidance on feeding your cat the correct amount and cutting down gradually.


If you have a house cat, encourage lots of play; use a torch, cats love to chase the beam of light on the floor. Make a “ mouse on a stick “ toy, using a catnip mouse and some string. Even better get a cardboard box, with holes cut in it and watch how your cat will love trying to work his way out, where you will be waiting, for even more fun and games with said “mouse on a stick.”

Have fun everybody !

A tribute to Harry

Last month, we lost beautiful Harry the Maine Coon cat.  He was a great age and had been a much loved friend of ours for many years.

Harry, you will be very much missed by our sitters, who had cared for you for many years, and of course missed and mourned by your owners too.

Maine Coon cat

Spring is here

Spring has arrived at last, so lovely light to have extra playtime in the garden and walks with our dogs, not forgetting outside playtime with our cats, who love to play as well, of course.

We have had some heart-warming stories during the past month, the one that stands out for us, here in the office, being the rescue by a client of ours, of two dear little 6 months old kittens.

These little brothers had been shut in a dark shed for almost the whole of their short lives but now have a new and loving home; they were clinging to each other to begin with but, at almost a year old, are now trusting and behaving as cats should.

I am sure we will have our sitters queuing up to care for them.

black dog

TIM’S STORY (in our client’s own words)

Hello, Polly here again,

I thought you would like to see me with my 2 “best dogs”, Charlie and Tilly, we have a lot of fun, walking and playing when they come to visit me in my home!


Sue asked me to tell you about one of our regular clients’ much loved pet, Tim the cat, who sadly died recently, aged 18. This family has taken on many pets over the years, dogs and cats, all needing good loving homes; thank goodness for animal lovers such as them.

Here in the office, we all felt very emotional, on reading the words that are underlined, I think they say it all.

So this is the story of the lovely cat called Tim

Tim has been a bit ‘iffy’ for a while – I never expected him to make Christmas 2013 but he rallied and did, then I never expected him to make his 18th birthday on 11th December last cat_tomyear – and he did! He was such a little trooper. It has been a ‘roller coaster’ for a long time. I think I knew when I emailed you, and had already made an appointment with my dear vet, but it was difficult to actually put it down on paper (or email). My vet had known him from Day 1 when I picked up a batch of tiny abandoned kittens and some adult cats, on behalf of the Cat Protection League.

It was obvious Tim was totally blind, and it is why I decided to adopt him; he came home to join the family of 13 cats and 7 dogs! He has had a really wonderful and relatively ‘normal’ life – “he was just a cat that couldn’t see”, so he couldn’t ‘free range’ like our other cats, but on lovely sunny days, went out into a pen with large run (and grass) with a few other cats to keep him company!

But 18 years is a very long time, in fact, unbelievably with all his problems, he has outlived 23 ‘healthy’ felines and I shall really miss him.