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Ciara will soon be joined by another adopted Irish Setter

This beautiful and elegant Irish Setter Ciara is soon to be joined by a new companion, another Irish Setter.

Our clients are to adopt another mature Setter, such a rewarding thing to do for both pet and owner. There are so many dogs needing loving homes.

We get such pleasure when we hear from our clients about the pets, dogs in the main, that they adopt giving them a wonderful home for life.

irish setter dog

It’s that time of year again, fleas and ticks abound!

Please remember to use the tick removal tool to “twist” when removing ticks from your cats and dogs; leaving the head in can cause a bad infection.

There are so many good products available now, from your vet or good pet shops; I prefer the monthly application between the neck and shoulders. If you have a feisty cat, then a tablets are very effective.

I hope our wonderful weather continues into July, who knows, we may see more butterflies this year, I do hope so.


Enjoying outdoors with your pets in May

dog runningAs you see Polly is enjoying running around the garden now that we have some lovely dry and warm weather at long last!

It is always a dilemma whether to keep feeding the wild birds at this time of year the experts say not to.

Nonetheless, I tend to put at least some mixed seed out and ALWAYS make sure they have fresh water to drink and to have a freshen up when it is very warm.

We thought you would like to see this photograph of the gorgeous Rugh Collies, Senna and Freddie, taken by their sitter, whilst walking in the Malvern Hills.

Windswept and interesting comes to mind!

Border collie dogs

Winter viral Pests

We hope all the winter viral pests have finally left the building! Some of our pet sitters and here at the office too, we have been hit with the Aussie flu this year.

This is our sitter Bob having a nap after a long walk, plus a surprise cuddle from Maya the Labrador, I wonder if she managed to slip in along side without waking him!

dog sitter resting with a black Labrador

Bob managed to escape the winter illnesses this year, maybe because of all the walking with his four legged friends, lots of fresh air could be the key or maybe you are just very strong and healthy Bob!

As you see from the photo we are currently having a big sort out in the office; Polly promised she would help, hmmm!

dog sleeping

See you again in March, when Spring will definitely be well on its way.


As 2017 is coming to a close and the colder weather is well on its way, please remember our little friends the garden birds.



Fat balls and peanuts, being the food to keep them warm, as well as the seed mix.

Look at this little robin who visited our office, to remind us not to forget him in the coming months.


pet sitter with Newfoundland dogWe have been reading up on microchips and identity tags here in the office; we are all aware that, as of April 2016 our dogs must, by law be chipped, the fine for not complying being £500.

However, we none of us were aware that it is still a legal requirement, to have an identity disc on your dog’s collar, when in public.

Below is what the law states.

Every dog while in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it.

A little bit of info, for those who may not be aware that microchipping alone is not enough; never, of course put your dog’s name on the tag.

We thought you would like to see our lovely pet sitter Anita out walking with one of her four legged friends, Tank the Newfoundland, a truly gentle giant!

See you again in 2018

Autumn is upon us

Autumn is truly setting in now, time to think about all our friends who will be getting ready to hibernate, hedgehogs in particular.

Their numbers have fallen by 30% over the last 10 years, it is thought that there are less than a million in the U.K. now, so very sad.


Please do help to make your gardens a safe haven for these wonderful little creatures.

Log and leaf piles, wilderness areas and purpose-built hedgehog homes make great places for hedgehogs to nest and hibernate.

Fallen leaves also make the perfect nesting material, so make sure you don’t clear all of these away.

Polly would like to introduce to 2 adorable new clients of ours, Casper the Maltese and Trixie the Yorkshire Terrier, both about 5 months old this month.

They have recently come into their owners life after the sad loss of her much loved Yorkshire Terrier cross, Benji, last year.

I am sure you will agree that they will bring much joy to their owner in the years to come.

Yorkshire terrier and Maltese dog

How to help your cat to lose weight

Hello to all readers! This month we are touching on the tricky subject of overweight pets, cats in particular.

Believe it or not, over 42% of our much loved felines are overweight; vets would tell you that more than half the cats they treat need to lose weight. This could be partly due to the rising number of “house cats”, resulting in cats not getting the outdoor exercise and stimulation they need.
Cats kept indoors suffer more stress and also some behavioural issues on occasion. They need added stimulation to make up for the lack of outdoor fun and, most definitely keep their food levels at an appropriate level, way less than an active outdoor cat would have.

One of the most common obesity related problems in cats is diabetes, overfeeding being the leading cause. Other related illnesses are urinary problems, joint issues and heart disease.

cat sittingJust look at our magnificent client, Charley (right). What a perfect specimen he is, slender and glowing with health; Charley is an African Savannah crossed with a domestic cat.

If your cat is overweight, then see these tips below, to help your cat lose weight and follow in Charley’s footsteps, isn’t he just beautiful?

Portion sizes

Stop feeding your cat so much; remember 2 or 3 extra pounds for a cat is equivalent to 40 pounds in a human being.

Don’t suddenly cut the portions drastically however, this could create liver problems. Ask your vet, he will help with guidance on feeding your cat the correct amount and cutting down gradually.


If you have a house cat, encourage lots of play; use a torch, cats love to chase the beam of light on the floor. Make a “ mouse on a stick “ toy, using a catnip mouse and some string. Even better get a cardboard box, with holes cut in it and watch how your cat will love trying to work his way out, where you will be waiting, for even more fun and games with said “mouse on a stick.”

Have fun everybody !

We are looking for pet sitters

Hello to you all, now Spring is here, from Polly and all of us in the office!  How lovely it is to see new life everywhere, such a beautiful season.

We are on a full scale recruitment drive this month, as many of our long standing home and pet sitters are retiring this year.

Please do call us on 0333 234 0404 or complete the online application form, if you think this is something that may appeal; it is a lovely “hobby job” to have in retirement and we would be delighted to chat to you.

We are looking for couples and single sitters, who are true animal lovers, with a sense of adventure. Do talk to us, we would love to have you on board.

Here is our wonderful dog sitter Irene Skyner knee deep in four legged friends and loving every minute of it!

dog sitter

The particular areas we are recruiting for are:

  • South Shropshire
  • Birmingham
  • Worcester
  • Cotswolds & south Birmingham
  • Telford
  • Shrewsbury

In conclusion, this month we have lost Joe the beautiful Greyhound; everyone loved him, such a lovely boy, he would have been 12 years old later this year.

You will be so missed gentle Joe, by your dog sitters, who just loved you so, as well as by your family.

greyhound dog sleeping greyhound dog

How dogs have become our best ‘friends’

drawing of a dog
“They have now got me answering the phones as well as all my other jobs”

An interesting ‘doggie’ fact for my readers; For centuries, the standard English word for ‘dog’ was “hound” or “hund”. It wasn’t until the late Middle Ages, that the word ‘dog’ ,which was etymologically unrelated to any other known word, suddenly and mysteriously appeared.

All dogs evolved from the grey wolf, our dogs’ closest living relative.  They were first kept by humans around 14,000 years ago. It is believed that abandoned wolf cubs were adopted and gradually the aggression bred out of them.

How we arrived at the myriad breeds, sizes, coat colours, temperaments and characters, would take too long to explain in one blog!

So, in brief, bones and fossils found throughout the world, going back to roughly 6,500 years ago, we are able to safely say that, at that time, there were just 5 types of dog. Mastiffs, wolf-like, Pointer types, Greyhounds and Sheepdogs.

Since then literally thousands of breeds have been developed by artificial and natural selection. Many were lost over the centuries, leaving us with around 400 different breeds today.

All this from one little mammal, somewhat like a weasel, that ran around the primeval forests 60 million years ago!