Tips on where to go dog walking this summer

Are You and Your Dog Ready for Summer?

As the days grow longer and the barbecues emerge from their winter slumber, it’s time to look forward to the summer months ahead. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to dog walking spots across the county. So here is your essential guide to enjoying local attractions while keeping your dog safe and cool.

Heatstroke in Dogs

This is an all to common and fatal condition that dogs can develop in minutes. Fortunately, it is very easy to prevent.

  • Ensure your dog always has access to clean drinking water. There are plenty of adapted bottles on the market which make it easy to take water for your dog to drink while out walking.
  • Ideally, dogs should be walked during the cooler parts of the day. If you must walk your dog during the hottest part of the day, keep exercise to a minimum and avoid tarmacked surfaces.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car – even with the window open!
  • As an extra treat, you can freeze ice – cubes with your dogs’ favourite food inside. Or if you have a Kong, these can also be filled and frozen.

If you see signs of heatstroke, act immediately as the damage can be very difficult to reverse. If you see your dog collapse, dribble or pant excessively then act quickly to get them to a cool place. If you have water available wet their coat and contact your vet as soon as possible.

So, we’re all prepared to make the most out of those long summer days – but where should you go?

Top 5 Dog Friendly Attractions in Shropshire:

  • Cannock Chase Forest – Woodland and open heath the area has much to offer in terms of dog-walking and adventures!
  • Hawkstone Park Follies – Weston-Under-Redcastle- Shrewsbury – Monuments built over 200 years ago, cliffs, crags and deep woods this is sure to captivate the attention of you and your best friend.
  • Carding Mill Valley – Church Stretton – Streams, heathland and views to die for. While away an afternoon relaxing amongst the wildlife before enjoying tea and cake at the quaint café.
  • Powis Castle – Welshpool – The National Trust has recently opened its historic gates to the dog walking community. Spend the day exploring the 26 – acre garden but keep in mind that dogs are not permitted in the deer park.
  • Blists Hill Victrorian Town – Ironbridge – If you’re looking for a little entertainment, this recreated Victorian Town is a real family pleaser. Meet the working shire horses, have a sing-song in the local pub and take a trip down to the coal mine. An atmospheric and authentic step in to history.

Wishing you all a warm and relaxing summer from the While You’re Away team!

Keeping your pets safe this Christmas

Keep Christmas tree light cables out of reach or get a cable guard they can’t chew through, because they will try!

Vacuum regularly to reduce the risk of pine needles being ingested by your pets
Poinsettias, mistletoe, holly and the sap from your Christmas tree are all extremely toxic to cats and dogs

Don’t give chocolate to your pets, it contains the obromine which is toxic to dogs and cats.

Remember, edible decorations on your tree, will be sniffed out and pulled down. Dogs have 300 million receptors in their noses, humans have 6 million, proportionally 40 times greater than us!!

If you think that a gift contains food or chocolate, don’t leave it under the tree. Your pets might open it before you get the chance and eat something that’s dangerous to them.

Don’t give your pet cooked turkey or chicken bones as they can splinter and cause serious injury to your pet.
Raw chicken/turkey wings, on the other hand are fine and good for your dog’s teeth and digestion, it’s a natural part of their diet. These must be ‘fresh or carefully unfrozen’, to avoid the risk of salmonella.

Most important of all, have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
If our sitters are looking after your home and your pets, for the Christmas and New Year period, you can be sure that your dogs and cats and of course any indoor pets, will be very safe and well loved by our sitters whilst you are away on holiday.

A very Happy Christmas to all our loyal clients and to all pet lovers out there too!

Christmas message from while you are away

Latest news from our dog sitter Vanessa

This month we are paying tribute to one of our client’s much loved pets, Todd the Labrador, they lost him a couple of months ago; was a very special boy and is very much missed by his owners.

Our pet sitter Vanessa is the sitter who mainly cares for this client’s pets, was very upset too; our sitters grow to love the pets that they have cared for over a number of years and the pets love them back.

I think that this photograph, sent to us by our client, is quite poignant, the light caught by the camera looks just like a star, which this lovely dog certainly was.

Todd the black lab

Ciara will soon be joined by another adopted Irish Setter

This beautiful and elegant Irish Setter Ciara is soon to be joined by a new companion, another Irish Setter.

Our clients are to adopt another mature Setter, such a rewarding thing to do for both pet and owner. There are so many dogs needing loving homes.

We get such pleasure when we hear from our clients about the pets, dogs in the main, that they adopt giving them a wonderful home for life.

irish setter dog

It’s that time of year again, fleas and ticks abound!

Please remember to use the tick removal tool to “twist” when removing ticks from your cats and dogs; leaving the head in can cause a bad infection.

There are so many good products available now, from your vet or good pet shops; I prefer the monthly application between the neck and shoulders. If you have a feisty cat, then a tablets are very effective.

I hope our wonderful weather continues into July, who knows, we may see more butterflies this year, I do hope so.


Enjoying outdoors with your pets in May

dog runningAs you see Polly is enjoying running around the garden now that we have some lovely dry and warm weather at long last!

It is always a dilemma whether to keep feeding the wild birds at this time of year the experts say not to.

Nonetheless, I tend to put at least some mixed seed out and ALWAYS make sure they have fresh water to drink and to have a freshen up when it is very warm.

We thought you would like to see this photograph of the gorgeous Rugh Collies, Senna and Freddie, taken by their sitter, whilst walking in the Malvern Hills.

Windswept and interesting comes to mind!

Border collie dogs

Winter viral Pests

We hope all the winter viral pests have finally left the building! Some of our pet sitters and here at the office too, we have been hit with the Aussie flu this year.

This is our sitter Bob having a nap after a long walk, plus a surprise cuddle from Maya the Labrador, I wonder if she managed to slip in along side without waking him!

dog sitter resting with a black Labrador

Bob managed to escape the winter illnesses this year, maybe because of all the walking with his four legged friends, lots of fresh air could be the key or maybe you are just very strong and healthy Bob!

As you see from the photo we are currently having a big sort out in the office; Polly promised she would help, hmmm!

dog sleeping

See you again in March, when Spring will definitely be well on its way.

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